Cuba Connect is an ethical trading company working with the Cuban people to help develop trade and solidarity. This online store has been developed on a non-profit basis in association with Netline Secure Shopping. Below is a selection of books available.

From the Escambray to the Congo: In the whirlwind of the Cuban Revolution, by Victor Dreke. (Pathfinder, 2002)

Written by Victor Dreke Cruz, who is guest speaker at the Bay of Pigs 50 event, this book is a fascinating account of the battle to win the Revolution. Dreke gives his first hand experience of the struggle from his days as a High School student activist, to Rebel fighter and a volunteer battalion commander in the post-revolutionary stuggle in the Escambray. The book also feautres over 50 photos from the period.

Available through CSC for £12.00 + p&p

Playa Girón: Washington's first military defeat in the Americas by Fidel Castro and José Ramón Fernández, foreward by Jack Barnes (Pathfinder, 2001)

The story of the Bay of Pigs fiasco: Washington's first military defeat in the Americas in April 1961.

This is the story as it is told by the Cubans themselves includes speeches by Fidel castro and José Ramón Fernández who commanded the army at the famous battle.

Also includes a collection of contemporary photographs.

JFK: The Cuba files: The Untold tory of the plot to kill Kennedy by  Fabián Escalante (Ocean Press, 2006)

This book reveals for the first time Cuba’s own report into the Kennedy assassination. Fabián Escalante, the former head of Cuban counterintelligence, directed Cuba’s investigation into the assassination in 1978 and describes the conspiracy involving three groups that violently opposed the Cuban revolution – the Cuban exiles, the Mafia and the CIA – who all felt betrayed by the Bay of Pigs debacle and Kennedy’s apparent moves toward a rapprochement with Fidel Castro.

Available through CSC for £11.99 + p&p 

The First and Second Declarations of Havana: Manifestos od revolutionary struggle in the Americas adopted by the Cuban people (Pathfinder, 2007)

Nowhere are the questions of revolutionary strategy that today confront men and women on the front lines of struggles in the Americas addressed with greater truthfulness and clarity than here. These uncompromising indictments of imperialist plunder and "the exploitation of man by man" affirming the power of the great mass of toiling humanity that "has begun to march" continue to stand as manifestos of revolutionary struggle by working people the world over.

Cuban Revolution Reader: A documentary history of Fidel Castro's revolution, by Julio Garcia Luis. (Oceanbooks, 1998, 2nd ed)

From the europhia of the early years to the devastating economic crisis of the 1990s, this book provides a sweeping vision of revolutionary Cuba - its challanges, its deafeats, its impact on the world.

Focusing on 45 decisive moments from the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Missile Crisis, to the demise of the Soviet Union and the visit of John Paul II.

A history of the revolution throught the crucial Cuban & US documents, decision, laws and events including how the blockade developed. This book is also available in Spanish.

Available through CSC for £13.99 + p&p